Silica To Help Weight Loss

Silica is a natural and abundant element found in your body. It has numerous health benefits and looks to be a useful tool for losing weight. Silica works with other minerals to provide an overall improvement to health and through that, make weight loss easier and more natural.

An important part of losing weight is exercise. While exercise strengthens your body, it also causes strain on your joints and bones. Silica is essential in repairing this strain. The body requires silica in order to properly use calcium to repair your bones. Without silica, calcium supplements may even lead to further deterioration of your bones as your body does not have an efficient way to transport calcium without silica. Over time this stress and wear on your bones and joints makes exercising a much more difficult task. This effect compounds with age as your metabolism slows and your bodies own natural supply of silica decreases.

Proper nutrition is another key to proven weight loss. Many foods that are consumed are processed or otherwise low in nutrition. This causes the body to digest the food without getting the proper nutrients from them first. The body signals that it still needs more nutrients and this may cause an increase in hunger and overeating. The proper levels of silica allows your body to more easily receive and deposit the essential minerals and nutrients required by your vital organs for weight loss. The less nutrients the body wastes from food, the more natural weight loss becomes.

Overall health is important to weight loss as well. Bacteria and diseases generally inhibit weight loss and make things like exercising more difficult and less practical. Silica has shown that it can both stimulate the immune system and assist the body in taking care of diseases that cause sickness. This is especially true in the lungs, where silica is known to help in repairing and maintaining lung tissue.

There are many benefits to losing weight in a natural and healthy way. Proper nutrition, exercise, and staying healthy are all required in order to begin proper weight loss. Along with other essential minerals, silica is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Silica its a powerful mineral, usually use as a detox supplement as its able to absorb bacteria, fungus and toxins from the body to flush them out.

Silica plays an important role in many body functions and has a direct relationship to mineral absorption as it improves health. The average human body holds approximately 7 grams of silica,a large quantity that almost exceeds the amounts of other important minerals in the body such as iron
Silica plays an important role in many body functions and has a direct relationship with mineral absorption. researched has found that the average body carries more than 7 grams of silica, exceeding the amount of other minerals such as iron. Silica and iron are both essential minerals, needed to perform metabolic functions in the body.

The amount of silica in our bodies diminishes during ageing process. This is irreversible, particurlarly after the age of 40. One of the first signs that silica levels in the body are low during the time arterial problems starts. This is the case for thousands of people in the world, and the main cause is a deficiency of silica in foods we eat. Organic silica is a element essential to living organism, found in blood and tissue. Studies show that organic silica is essential to the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and also to the production of vitamin D.

Our human bodies can’t absorb mineral silicon found on earth. What we can take is organic silica, but fist a conversion must be made out by plants and micro-organisms.

Not only can silica be taken to improve the elasticity of your joints and tissue but it has other healthy benefits. Silica can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, by removing the accumulated aluminum in the brain. IT also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. Since what silica basically does is absorb minerals and retain them then it will better retain calcium in your bones and calcium supplement.

When it comes to digestion problems such as inflammation, intestinal ulcers,inflammation,  acidity, indigestion, bloated and other that has irritated your intestinal tract can improve with silica. It relieves discomfort there, by removing unwanted toxin and starting a healing process. IT will coat the lining of your digestive tract protecting it from painful irritations and other symptoms of indigestion. Due to silica nature, it helps build stronger tissue of the digestive tract.